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Saturday, April 02, 2005
It's Hard To Be Humble....Mama Draft....Light Beer Isn't So Bad....


Okay, I'm not the perfect brewer, but then again, no one is. A wise brewer once said two things that bear repeating. One, "we are just yeast farmers, if we treat them well, they will give us good beer....Two, " there are two kinds of brewers, the first is the brewer that has had an infected batch, the second is the brewer who will get an infected batch".....All of that said, I just kegged the IPA To Be Named Later (note the hot stove reference with the impending baseball season upon I the only one who gets these jokes?????) and this beer is nothing short of what I envisioned. The hop character has muted quite a bit since I tasted the "green" beer when I transferred to secondary. The beer has become a hop and malt balance that is just great. The beer even had mild carbonation when I transferred it. It was good. I can't wait to taste the conditioned brew after it gets the proper gas on it. I am excited about this beer. As a brewer who has had the dreaded infections, and has made all of the mistakes that a brewer can make over time, it is a validation of my hard work and my dedication to making great beer that this beer tasted this good. I hope that every brewer gets to this point. The big benchmark is that you pass beer to friends and they say that it tastes like commercial beer. It no longer has that "homebrewed" taste. In effect, you now brew beer that is of commercial quality. That is what we all strive for and the accomplishment is much bigger than it sounds to a homebrewer. Keep brewing out there. You will someday reap the benefits of this designation if you study and pay attention to detail. This is one of the reasons that we brew. Enjoy.......

Mama Draft:

Mama draft isn't feeling the best these days. She is spending a couple of days at the local bed and breakfast, also known as the hospital. I won't belabor the fact too long other than to say, we love you mama draft, and feel better soon!!!!

Light Beer:

Okay, I'm a purist and like to brew adjunct free for most of my styles. I do however brew with adjuncts if the style calls for it, and I am not averse to brewing cream ales and pre-prohibition styles of beer that contain corn or rice adjunct. That said, I am having a new appreciation for some of the better light beers that are brewed commercially. A couple that rate some sort of recognition are Old Style Light, Miller Light, and Iron City Light. Iron City Light is a Pittsburgh tradition that has been popular since 1978. I am happy to say that I have been enjoying this brew on and off now since it's inception. The thing about IC Light that is different is that it is a batch light beer. What does that mean you ask? Well as always, you readers are very insightfull. In today's mega breweries, beers are brewed at high gravities, then cut with purified water to drinking strength at packaging. This increases the brewhouse output, and cuts costs. Well, one of the things that makes IC Light different is that it is brewed at working strength and packaged. This is a more expensive method, but it makes an overall better beer. I can't say that the other two mentioned are brewed this way, and I doubt that they are, but, they continue to have some beer flavor about them that is workable. Old Style is just a good beer that is made in the American Standard style, but continues to produce a beer with good flavor. Miller Light, if you believe the ads that sell this beer, is the largest market share growith beer going right now. AB has actually introduced a new beer that emulates Miller Light's taste known as Budweiser Select. Now why would AB introduce a new light beer when Bud Light is already the largest selling beer in America?? Well, it tastes like Miller Light, and that simply means that they want to squash the remaining market share that Miller brewing holds. Not working apparently, and I suggest that Bud Select will go the same path as Bud Dry went. To non-production. That said, don't give up on American beer just yet. There are a few that you can still enjoy and still have some good beer flavors. With summer coming before we know it, there sometimes isn't anything better that a nice American Standard Light. Might I suggest that if available, IC Light or Old Style Light might be beers that should get your attention when you go to the beer store. Don't take my word for it, give them a try at your local. You might be surprised......

Get some beer and drink it. Support your local, regional, craft, and pub brewers. You'll miss them when they close and your alternative is some syrupy nasty Budwieser......

Mark, The Brewer, and looking for gas on the IPA because I'm always thirsty........

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