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Monday, April 04, 2005
Change Is Coming Soon....Next Brew....More IPA News....Opening Day....


It happens all the time. One of the lines for the IMHBC products is about to open up. Nitro Ranger Stout, the first addition anyway, is about to tap out. The keg is very light and I'm guessing one to two pints are left tops, if that. Not to worry, I have a very special keg ready, chilled, and waiting it's turn on the tap. That's right, Parrot Pete's One Particular Porter is about to take center stage again. It is waiting patiently in the cooler for the taps to be attached so it can start running into the glass. I'm kind of looking forward to that day too. It won't be long, maybe even today......


Believe it or not, I have nothing fermenting anywhere in the house. What a crying shame that is. That means it's time to schedule another brew. I just got he latest Brew Your Own magazine, and it has a clone recipe for Fuller's ESB in it. It is very similar to the ESB I generally make except the hop types are a little different, and the beer recipe calls for flaked maize adjunct. I have always made my ESB with all barley malts, but I am not averse to adding a little corn to the mix to make this clone. I might have to adjust some of the hop additions, but generally speaking, I've been making an ESB all along when I make the Angry Dog Amber (not that I didn't already know that of course). This looks like a nice recipe for the Fuller's clone and deserves some attention. There were a couple of other recipe's in this addition that look pretty good too. So many beers to make, only a couple of fermenters and 10 kegs (as if that is so few that I can hardly keep anything in stock). Speaking of next, there are a couple of exciting beers waiting their turn in the "box". The For Whom The Bell's Tolls pale ale is now carbonated and can go on line at any time. The IPA To Be Named Later, is now primed and kegged and conditioning even as we speak. More on that in a moment. I hope to get an ESB brewed in the next week or so and then it will be time to get some of the summer brews made so they can be ready to go when the weather gets warmer. Yep, a brewer's work is never done.....


Here are some additional statistics on the IPA I just kegged. The opening gravity was 1.064 with an ending gravity of 1.012. This makes for about 6.63% ABV. The color is a dark golden to a light amber. There is nice hop aroma and the taste test of the gravity sample yielded a nice clean assertive bitterness with a nice malt backbone. Waiting for gas to just verify it's as good as I think it is. Stay tuned for more on this beer in the coming months.....

Opening Day:

Last night maked the start of the 2005 baseball season as the Yankees hammered the Red Sox in a rematch of last years playoffs. The big different was that this was the first of 162 while last fall it was lose and go home. If I was the Sox, I wouldn't fret too much about last night's loss. My beloved Pirates begin another year of futility today at 1:35. Though there is a lot to like on the team this year, there are some real glaring holes in the team that are currently plugged by journeymen and pseudo major league ballplayers. Not to worry, I still have my share of tickets as a partial season ticket holder, and I have come to realize that I am a baseball fan first and a Pirate fan second. It is that mentality that keeps me going to the ball park. I have tickets to see some of the best teams and players in the game today. That is worth the price of admission whether or not the Pirates win. When they do, it's a bonus for sure. They will be competitive because they do have some real quality young pitching on this team, as well as an experienced good bullpen. The pitching will keep them in games a lot this year, it just is a matter of can the offense provide enough pop to win some games. Sadly, probably not. But it will be fun to watch none the less. Let's Go Bucs......

Oh, and enjoying a couple of fine Penn Brewing products at the ball park isn't such a bad thing either.....

Mark, The Brewer, and hoping to enjoy a couple of cold ones while watching the Buc's on TV later today.......

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